The Laneway Project


The Laneway Project is a not for profit social enterprise organisation based in Toronto, Canada.

The belief of one of co-founders, Michelle Senayah is that the discussed laneways in Toronto have the potential to be vibrant, living and working spaces, and that these potential thriving public spaces will help to create strong neighbourhoods, communities and cities.

Laneway Project .jpg

Toronto has approximately  300km of alleyways, or laneways as they are known in Canada, which are mostly unused and unsafe places lined with discarded furniture, skips, unused buildings and as a result of these negative environments there is a lot of anti-social behaviour within them. Senayah who is an urban developer in Toronto saw the opportunity that if they cleaned up and activated the Laneways they would provide a huge benefit socially, culturally and economically to the city.


The Laneway Project was formed in 2014 and to date they have incorporated design led lighting installations into previously under lit streets; piloted the idea of transforming some of the laneways into cycle paths; initiated conversations about the development of housing in Laneways and are trying to found the cities first Laneway public market.

The City Government is now embracing the Laneways Project and working with them on making the most of the once disused and abandoned parts to the city to take guidance from Senayah and her team on transforming as much of the vast unused Laneways as possible for the good of the City of Toronto.