Vegan Junk Food Bar


On a recent restaurant research trip to Amsterdam while at the Global Restaurant Investment Forum 2019, Distrkt got the chance to check out one of the newest hotspots in the City.

Vegan Junk Food Bar (2).jpg

This is the phenomenon that is the Vegan Junk Food Bar, that is vastly changing the perception of vegan food, for the vegan community, but just as much for the non-vegan community.

One very interesting fact is that both the customers and staff at Vegan Junk Food Bar account for 60% non-vegans. Edwin Streep, the restaurant founder shared with us that nearly all of their staff and customers that are not ‘full time’ vegans, but they stick to a vegan diet 3 days a week, which is a huge increase from just a few years ago.

The restaurant concept was born from Edwin’s belief that using plant based alternatives not only have a vast benefit to your health, the planet and our animals, but junk food is one of life’s biggest pleasures, so why not be able to combine the both, for the vegan community. Just as importantly, they wanted to provide an opportunity for the non-vegan community to have an experience and an education to veganism that wasn’t available before. The key thing to the success of the Vegan Junk Food Bar is that they haven’t compromised on taste, vibe or experience. The menu provides all the classic favourites you would expect in any burger or junk food bar and having been lucky enough to taste pretty much all of the menu we can see why this concept has been so well received by Amsterdam. 

As a result of the popularity they now have 3 restaurants in Amsterdam and are looking to expand beyond in the coming years. This was one of the many great places we visited in Amsterdam and a trend that we see is only going to get bigger and will become as common in London as the traditional burger bars have appeared over the coming years.