The Peoples Fridge in Brixton


In Brixton, a Community Fridge has been installed by a group of food activists and traders who were inspired by similar Community Fridge schemes in India, Spain, Germany and closer to London in Somerset.


The dream of creating the community fridge in Brixton was realised by a team of 30+ people who raised over £2,200 via crowdfunding to buy and run the fridge, which was launched in the summer of 2016 and is located at Pop Brixton, the Street Food venue.

The aim of the community fridge is simple, to cut down on food waste and help those who need it. Residents, local food retailers and street food vendors leave unwanted food in the fridge for other people who need it to take. The fridge is totally respected by all those that use it and more so, those that don’t use it. Anyone is able to take food from the fridge, but have to make their own conscious decision as to their need for the food and if others would benefit from it more.

To meet the safety and health measured required, the group that runs the fridge is constantly monitoring to make sure the food is safe to eat and the fridge is working as it should. All in all, this is a fantastic program that is helping reduce food waste, helping those that need it and is bringing the community together.

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