Lulu Dans Ma Rue


We live in a fast paced world of Amazon and other advanced technologies making life a lot quicker and easier, but this has not helped with the just as important everyday chores, which Lulu Dans Ma Rue is helping to address in his home City.  

The team of helpers, know as Lulus provides services from these Kiosks and what they offer is to be able to provide someone at your fingertips who can help with everyday jobs that range from walking a dog, shining your shoes, collecting a parcel, putting up a shelf, constructing flat pack furniture, mounting a piece of artwork or even watering your plants while you are on holiday

The idea was born from  Vincent recognising in his neighbourhood there were many people with time, know-how, a real desire to be useful and in need of money and a lot of time poor people who would be willing pay for assistance on these type of chores. As a result, Lulu Dans Ma Rue was created to be the ‘neighbourhood concierge’ and from the JCDecaux-designed Kiosks, the Lulus from all over the city with a wide variety of skills, charge a fee of approximately 20 per cent for connecting them with customers.

Every Lulu is a local person to the kiosk and they range from the retired, students, unemployed and people with full time jobs looking to make a little extra money. The common fee for the use of a Lulu ranges from €5 to €20 for 30 minutes of work and price is dependent on the service being undertaken. They stared off with just one kiosk and now have many throughout Paris and see no signs of slowing down anytime soon.